blank Midi input issue

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blank Midi input issue

Postby hisdudeness » Thu Oct 07, 2010 5:58 pm


I'm facing a weird issue on my test system regarding a blank Midi input port coming shown by the New Profile Wizard each time I start a certain rack.

I bought a Cardbus (PCMCIA) USB 2.0 adapter to connect my USB-Soundcard (ESI U46XL) and my Midi-controller board (Novation Remote SL) no longer via a USB hub but directly to my laptop.

First rack:
First when I connected the Midi-controller board to that adapter card Win7 re-installed the Novation drivers naming them 5-Remote SL (instead of 3-Remote SL before). Then I had to re-assign the Midi-ports in the New Profile Wizard. So far so good.
Then I noticed that all my Aux busses and FreeG plugins weren't working any longer, the according Midi-port was diabled. So I re-assigned the according port.
Issue #1: Although I set the Aux busses and FreeG plugin NOT to change with every scene Forte didn't remember that. I had to remove the plugins and re-insert, trim the rack, unmark the bypasses in the rack editor and then: Everything was fine. Until the next restart of Forte:
Issue #2: Again the New Profile Wizard came up showing in between the known Midi-ports a blank one assigning "unused". Ok, fine, after done that the rack is working as expected. Until the next restart of Forte: Same game again.

Second rack:
I had once to re-assign the Midi-ports with the New Profile Wizard and everything is fine. Aux busses are working, FreeG plugin is working. Also after several restarts.

I was working on 2.2.16, switched back to 2.2.14 but no success.

Anyone any tips?

Mike: If it helps I can send you the two rack files and a screenshot of the New Profile Wizard showing the blank Midi-input port. It's about 10MB zipped to one file. Just let me know, it's not that urgent since I haven't changed anything to my live rack yet but I would like to switch to that USB cardbus adapter soon.

Thanks a lot and best regards

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Re: blank Midi input issue

Postby MikeG » Sun Oct 10, 2010 6:11 pm

Go ahead and email that to me. It sounds like a complicated journey your rack took.

Mike (brainspawn)

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Re: blank Midi input issue

Postby hisdudeness » Mon Oct 11, 2010 2:51 am

Hi Mike,

thanks for the help!

Long journey is right ;-) But I think I found the problem:

I renamed the rack.rcf file to rack.xml and opened it with the OpenXML editor. At the very beginning I saw the "blank" Midi device in the <MIDIDeviceProfiles OnLoad> section. Happy to resolved my problem so fast I deleted that string and loaded the rack file again with Forte. No New Device Profile Wizard, everything went straigt forward. I saved that rack file, closed Forte and restarted it and: Same **** again. New Device Profile Wizard with the blank Midi Input Device.

Now I took a look at the InputPort ID of that blank Midi device and searched the whole rack file for a reference to that ID. And I found only one at the end of the rack file. I corrected that ID to the correct value and everything is fine now also after a couple of restarts and changes in the rack.

I'll let you know if I will have any other issues with that rack!

Best regards

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