Adding a layer of security regarding USB connections

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Adding a layer of security regarding USB connections

Postby hisdudeness » Mon Sep 27, 2010 9:19 am

Dear all,

I'm facing a weird issue form time to time and it's really hard to track it down since there is no way to repeat that issue or to somehow force it to occur. It happens once in a while and only on live gigs - of course ;-)

The issue: While playing a gig it happened that after switching from one to another scene (always different, not scene-specific) Forte doesn't receive any Midi events over my USB connection anymore. Forte itself is stil working fine, I can switch scenes, move faders but no incoming Midi signal anymore.
Solution: Simply close Forte, remove the USB-cable, plug it in again and restart Forte, load the rack - fine. But of course this takes time and makes me feel uncomfortable ;-)

Here's what I use: Novation Remote SL board routing three different Midi ports over USB into the laptop. But the Novation board is not connected directly to the laptop, there is a USB (powered) in between to which a USB soundcard is connected as well (ESI U46XL). From the USB hub I'm connecting to Forte with a single USB cable.
So far I never saw any sign of the Novation board disconnecting or having issues with power, it's always running but of course I don't know if there could be some minor power differences disconnecting the USB connection while the Novation board itself is still running (it has two LCD displays so you usually notice immediately when the power for the Novation board is lost).
I also thought about the USB hub if that might cause the issue. Since the Novation board, the USB hub and the USB soundcard is built in a selfmade keyboard it's a bit difficult to replace parts for testing. But it's still an option to connect both USB devices (Novation board and ESI soundcard) to different USB ports on the laptop. But your opinion here would be very appreciated as well ;-)

Now my main question (probably a direct one to Mike):
When a Midi device or soundcard connected to Forte by USB is disconnected and re-connect I have to restart Forte. Is there any chance that Forte will get a "plug-and-play" behaviour regarding USB connections in future or is this simply not possible?

Now the broader question for all:
I thought also about using Midi-OX and MidiYoke to avoid restarting Forte in a case described above. I did some successfully tests by using MidiOX routing Midi events from the USB connections to different MidiYoke ports (I need four Midi ports in total so MidiYoke is fine) and just using those MidiYoke ports in Forte assigned to my VSTi's.
When I disconnect the USB-connection I just have to restart MidiOX but not Forte and this takes only 3-4 seconds since I don't have to restart Forte and reload my complete rack.
That is what I meant with my subject of this post "adding a layer of security regarding USB connections" ;-)

Is anyone already doing it that way or are there some smarter ways?

Thanks a lot to everyone!
Best regards


Re: Adding a layer of security regarding USB connections

Postby hisdudeness » Tue Sep 28, 2010 3:35 am

Ok, yesterday evening I did some extensive tests with my test rack running on WinXP and my complete setup attached.

Midi-OX is routing all signals fine through the Midi-Yoke ports to Forte. But as soon as I disconnect the Midi-Boards (connected via USB) Midi-OX is freezing and Forte as well.

My first tests were made just with a Korg NanoKontrol connected to a test rack running on Win7 and here the results were fine.

I'll keep you posted about my tests with my live rig once I have a little time.


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Re: Adding a layer of security regarding USB connections

Postby MikeG » Tue Sep 28, 2010 8:19 am

I will investigate improvements here. However, so much of this will depend upon how the audio driver behaves.

Mike (brainspawn)

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Re: Adding a layer of security regarding USB connections

Postby TomV » Thu Sep 30, 2010 2:39 am


I have the same problem with my UC-33, no matter if I´m working with forte or cubase and I´m nearly sure it belongs to the usb drivers. It never happens with my other control devices (Korg, Studiologic). Since two years I use a midi cable connected from the UC-33 to my RME Hammerfall Midi In and the problem disappears.If possible with your setup, try this solution and you don´t get frustrating moments while playing a great synthsolo on stage anymore.You can still use the usb-connection as the power supply, this doesn´t matter. Before that I tried some settings with Windows XP and the powermanagement without success.


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