best PCMCCIA sound card for low latency

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best PCMCCIA sound card for low latency

Postby mason » Sat May 15, 2010 5:12 am

hi guys, new to the forum but not to the midi world.... i recently switched to a laptop from a desktop and VSL2020 which had great low-latency. i want to keep my live setup as simple as possible so was hoping to find a good PCMCIA soundcard that would not be separate from the laptop. does anyone know of one that has low-latency and outputs on it (like 1/8 in stereo outs for example)? i guess if there was nothing available i could use a USB or firewire soundcard, but was just hoping to keep the number of gadgets down.... right now with ASIO4ALL im not super impressed with its ability to handle large pianos in Kontakt for example. even if the latency remains fairly low (5ms) there is still hiss or static sounds when playing chords etc. i appreciate your help! ;)


Re: best PCMCCIA sound card for low latency

Postby ab_keyboards » Wed May 19, 2010 2:33 am

I've used the Echo indigo DJ for this - low latency, no problems.

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Re: best PCMCCIA sound card for low latency

Postby Angel » Wed May 19, 2010 4:16 am


Echo Indigo IO for PCMCIA/Cardbus in my case. Since 6 years up to now.
The new Echo Indigo IOx/DJx are for ExpressCard slots on newer laptops.

You don't hear much from Echo Audio, they are quite silent in marketing, only a few new products over the years. Drivers are updated regularily but not frequently as the drivers are rock-solid from scratch.

Latency: 128 samples @ 44.1kHz on my three year old Dell D820 Latitude 2GHz Core2Duo. No perceptible latency while playing. 64 samples is possible but some clicks at higher CPU load. Your own performance will depend largely on quite unpredictable configuration issues of your actual laptop, but not on the Indigo itself.

Get one, test it, and in case it doesn't work use your 30-dasy money back warranty.



Re: best PCMCCIA sound card for low latency

Postby embassy » Fri May 28, 2010 1:32 am

if you want better results than the echo indigo hardware you´ll have to change to RME HDSP-Cardbus-Interface connected to whatever you want (Digiface, Multiface I or II, or RPM - like me).
I know that this configuration is not as streamlined as the echo-solution, but you get
- rock solid drivers with minimized cpu-requirements (not comparable with all other stuff)
- lowest latencies (up to 32 samples)
- high quality output-connections (no 3,5mm mini-jack :oops: sorry, Angel!)

Best regards

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Re: best PCMCCIA sound card for low latency

Postby fab » Fri May 28, 2010 3:34 am

i have both (got them used for a good price) and embassy is right, rme drivers and software are more refined than the indigo overall. also it's good that you can leave the card itself always in if you get the slim version. But it's much more stuff to carry around (breakout box, power plug) in a bagpack. of course, you get more channels, connections in the deal and normally don't need an extra DI box.

The mini connectors on the indigo are just fine for me - use good plugs/extension cords (Cordial are great, they have mini plug to female jack expanders, so you get connectors like on any keyboard) and attach the cable to your stand.The indigo for me is a bit temperamental in my thinkpad t60 (new slots with express and pcmcia), if it's not positioned right i get a BSOD. did not happen in the t30 i used before.

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