Spikes in Audio busses (even when no sound plays)

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Spikes in Audio busses (even when no sound plays)

Postby evilantal » Wed Mar 31, 2010 3:45 am

Hi there,

I've been having a problem with forte (2.1) concerning audio spikes.
I get random spikes in busses - even when no sound is playing. These spikes cause clicks/pops in the audio when they occur.
The spikes only occur in busses beyond the first (main) bus.
The other (4) busses are used for effects, each effect type in a different bus. I use Dirk's Aus Bus Faders plugins to route module sound to the effects busses and use other instances to route the sound from the effects busses to the main bus. I can then use the Faders to set effects levels.

So it's like this (simplified):

Bus 1 --> Aux5 receive --> EQ --> Peak limiter --> Output
Bus 2 --> Aux1 receive --> Reverb --> Aux5 send --> Mute plugin
Bus 3 --> Aux2 receive --> Delay --> Aux5 send --> Mute plugin
Bus 4 --> Aux3 receive --> Phaser --> Aux5 send --> Mute plugin
Bus 5 --> Aux4 receive --> Overdrive --> Aux5 send --> Mute plugin

Instrument Module (eg. Gmedia Minimonsta) --> Aux1 send --> Aux2 send --> Aux3 send --> Aux4 send --> Bus 1
...7 more instrument modules

There is plenty of memory left (according to Memory test in forte).
Any idea what could be the cause of these spikes?
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Re: Spikes in Audio busses (even when no sound plays)

Postby MikeG » Wed Mar 31, 2010 7:39 am

Spikes in Forte meters have always been a visual indicator of drop outs. Try the tools Diagnostics display. This should confirm you are encountering dropouts. Try increasing your ASIO buffer size.
Mike (brainspawn)

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