AUdio driver issues Forte 1.6

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AUdio driver issues Forte 1.6

Postby bandalleopold » Fri Feb 12, 2010 3:09 pm

Hello, I have version 1.6....I have a m-audio delta 44 and haveing issues with 'audio input' when i want to process a plugin for my vocals. what would happen is it sounds like its distorted in a digital it the wrong buffer setting. I usually is WDM driver from great in Sonar 8. Cause the latency is down to 1.5ms. However with Forte its giving me hell. The out put is fine when I play Instrument plugins.

Anyone have this issue.

Also i tried switching to an ASIO drive and didnt seem to help. Raising the latency to higher than 256 buffers aint worth it cause of latency delay so i didnt even bother.

Athlon 3000+ XP
abit NF7-s Rev.2 (nvidia 2 chipset)
2 gig ram
80g SATA drive (root drive)
M-audio Delta 44 with ...057 drivers. (lastest ones)

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