Latency goes high with Forte, but low outside !

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Latency goes high with Forte, but low outside !

Postby aneng » Sun Jun 29, 2008 3:24 pm

I'm having some trouble with the latency in Forte. I've tried this on a laptop and a PC and I'm getting the same results...
Using the Asio4all drivers, and playing - for example - N.I.'s Pro-53 standalone - I can get latency down to 3ms with no problems. This equates to a buffer size in Asio4all of 128 samples.

However, when I load up Forte, and play Pro-53 through that, I have to increase the buffer to at least 512 samples - which takes the latency to an unusable (for me anyway !) 12ms.

I have tried this with a couple of other standalone softsynths and get the same result - outside of Forte, I can take the buffer down to 128 samples, but inside Forte - it's got to be at least 512.

I appreciate I'm using Asio4all drivers which aren't really seen as being as good as a decent sound card with good asio drivers, but I've proved Asio4all is good enough as it works fine outside of Forte.

Has anyone else seen this ?

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Re: Latency goes high with Forte, but low outside !

Postby MikeG » Sun Jun 29, 2008 8:14 pm

Forte does add one buffer of latency due to a problem with ASIO. If Forte cannot fill an ASIO buffer in time, the audio card will loudly stutter, so we take an extra buffer of latency to prefill a buffer with silence. This is kindof a safety feature.

Mike (brainspawn)

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