KORE as Controller for forte ?

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KORE as Controller for forte ?

Postby Volker Grosch » Sat May 26, 2007 2:13 pm


Postby jackqdeezn » Thu Nov 08, 2007 4:46 pm


Re: KORE as Controller for forte ? (newbie here)

Postby andreuz » Tue Jul 15, 2008 5:18 pm

Hello everyone!

I am a Newbie to the Forum. My name is Andreuz.

My Setup:
I have a WinXP, Core 2 Dual Intel 2.33 Ghz Processor with over 3 GIG ram, Huge, dedicated Raptor HDs for storing samples. Native Instruments Komplete 5 & several 3rd party VSTs as well. Hammond XK2 (as a controller; and drawbars work and respond perfectly with NI B4II) using NI B4II VST along with a REAL cut down, modified 145 Leslie (1st I cut out about 14" of dead weight in the middle and made it a 2-piece leslie (for very easy carrying) w/ 4 brass latches that latch the upper rotating horn assembly to the lower portion of the Leslie... and now sounds better that it did before and very portable!!!!! It is awesome.... and there is zero substitue for a real leslie... period. I also use a Roland EP-9 (as a controller). I do not use the onboard sounds of either the XK2 or Roland. I am primarily a live performace musician that also writes soundtrack on the side.

I have not purchased Forte yet... but this definetly sounds like the software I need to use. I just need find out a few more things about it. The demo is so limited particularly in the "saving" aspect.... and is virtually impossible for me to fully/truely evaluate it based on the Demo alone.

I currently own KORE 1 Controller & KORE 2 and I am going to ditch it !!! .... Program changes DO NOT WORK in VSTIs that use "Bank" changes. It just will not work in KORE 1 or 2 .... that my biggest complaint about KORE. I hope Forte does not have that issue.... but since I can not save "racks" in the demo... again hard for me to evaluate it.

My main question relates to this post because the only thing I liked about KORE 1 Controller was that I was using one, single "Expression Pedal" into the KORE 1 controller expression input jack and assigning/using it as a "Volume Pedal" to any and VSTI / and or MIDI Controller Keyboard(s)". This worked fantastic for Live Performance when you want to.... for instance bring in Strings Patch (assigned to the volume pedal) layered over an Acoustic Piano and not assign the Acoustic Piano to the volume pedal.... only the strings.

Is there a way to use the KORE Controller (so I can keep the expression ability) in the Mix of things with Forte?
or is there a better way to incoporate one. single expression Pedal using Forte? If so, how?

Thanks in advance for any replys that could help me with these questions. Also if anyone knows how well program changes work with "Bank-Orientated VSTIs, that would help me decide to purchase Forte.... or if there is any info in a new, upgraded version or Forte on the horizon.

I will have more questions soon... im sure.


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Re: KORE as Controller for forte ?

Postby Angel » Wed Jul 16, 2008 4:26 am

My answer would be: Get rid of the Kore hardware and ditch it completely. At least in the actual versions. In principle, the concept of Kore is great, but so many issues are reported and many live features are missing.

Most keyboards and digital/e-pianos at least have an input for an foot switch (on/off, for example sustain) and an pedal (often called expression or continuous sustain pedal). And most send this as MIDI controller messages to outside world. To monitor what MIDI messages are incoming on your computer, MidiOX is the swiss-army knife. Within Forte, you can map these controllers individually to any plug-in. Can be different for each sound, called scene in Forte.

If your masterkeyboard has not enough MIDI controllers get a dedicated MIDI controller with knobs and sliders. Even in this issue Kore is a pain. Or a MIDI controller keyboard like the Axiom or Edirol PCR series or similar.

If you dare, you could use the Kore software as plug-in in Forte. Then you could use the Kore Sound concept and the browser for the Komplete 5 package inside Forte. And you let Forte handle the program change/scene change/sound change things. However, I don't know how stable Kore will work then.



Re: KORE as Controller for forte ?

Postby andreuz » Sun Jul 27, 2008 11:07 am

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Re: KORE as Controller for forte ?

Postby Angel » Tue Jul 29, 2008 8:06 am

Hi Andreuz,

OK, then just connect ONE, SINGLE expression pedal to an respective input of one of your master keyboards. I think your XK2 should have an input for an expression pedal. Connect the XK2 via MIDI to your computer. Use MidiOX to watch which MIDI controller messages the XK2 sends when moving the pedal. In Forte, use the plug-ins MIDI routing tabs to send this single pedal message to any multiple parameters at once you like. This can be done from a SINGLE controller for all plug-ins that you use.

Ah, there is currently no way to control the Forte volume faders directly. This is a long-time feature request. But you can route the ONE, SINGLE pedal message to the volume parameters of all your plug-ins. Or you use a simple MIDI automated fader plug-in inserted into the effect section of a module like this one:
Then you can make smooth fades between different sound with your pedal. In the plug-ins MIDI tab of the fader plug-in you can invert the controller for one plug-in, so one volume will go up and the other down. Thats the way I do it.

Hope that helps.


Re: KORE as Controller for forte ?

Postby andreuz » Tue Jul 29, 2008 10:54 pm


Thanks for your reply. You are absolutely correct ! I appologize... as a newbie, when I was asking these questions... I was asking them to help me make up my mind whether I wanted to purchase Forte or not. Well I finally purchased it Tuesday night and I was blown away in the 1st hour of how easy it is to use !! We were both on the same page... I did exactly what you said, I plugged in the CV expression pedal into my XK-2 and was amazed that the midi routing worked on both my XK-2 and Roland EP-9 for controlling the volume of any VST and to any desired bus with ONE, SINGLE expression pedal.

However, maybe you can help me with this question. I am using NI Akousti Piano... and as you know the .rcf file takes longer to load with more plugins inserted and also plugins that use samples like the NI Akoustic Piano. My question is: Occasionally, I have to play a piano part on my XK-2 (maybe the song changes key so I just transpose it up or down) and the same NI AP VST is also active on my Roland (normal transpose). If I have the NI AP active and routed to both my Roland and XK2 and want to use the expression volume pedal to let's say... to only control the volume of the piano on my XK2 but want to keep the volume constant on the Roland (or visa versa).... I can't get it the volume stay constant on the Roland if the same VST is active on my XK2.... even when I DISABLE CONTROLLER #7 on my Roland (or visa vera). I did get this to work but have to load a DUPLICATE NI Akoustic Piano VST to gain full control of the controllers.... then it worked fine but more takes time to load and more PC resources are used up. I think I know the answer, the controllers were conflicting with one another because its using the same single VST. Do you have a solution I could try to not have to load a duplicate VST of NI Akoustic Piano to achieve what I am trying to do using a single NI AP VST? If so, please pass it on.

About FORTE: I have only had this FORTE one day and I can already say... "I will be ditching my KORE 1 Controller and KORE 1/2 software. I can not tell you how many nightmares KORE has caused me. I wish I had gotten this FORTE long ago.... and I probably would have if the advertising for it would have been much stronger. FORTE guys... you don't give yourself enough credit.... this software is awesome. I'm sure it has it's bugs... but so far I am extremely happy with it. There are much more options for work-arounds... I just need to learn them.



Re: KORE as Controller for forte ?

Postby robert_e_bone » Wed Dec 16, 2009 11:19 pm

One thing I think you should look at is to check the box for any instrument that uses large sample files to tell it to not reload on scene change.

This will result in nearly instantaneous scene changes for things like Akoutik Piano. I found this out a long while back. I do this too with my Emulator. I have various sounds loaded into it per my rack, and have them on different midi channels. Then the Emulator X instrument also is set via the check box to not reload on scene changes, and I can get great performance for my bank.

Anyime I need different piano sounds or Emulator sounds, I load a new rack, which takes quite a while, but I only do this kind of stuff in between sets, or if I have a number of songs where I am playing guitar, where I can absorb the time it takes to load the new rack.

I hope that helps somewhat, I am at robert_e_bone@yahoo.com or 240-750-3664 if you have any additional questions. I have been using Forte live for a couple of years now, with Komplete 4, 5, and now 6, and have LOVED it.

Bob Bone

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