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Issues with UVI Workstation pluggin running Acoustic Samples B-5 Organ library in Forte 3

Posted: Tue Jul 12, 2016 9:09 am
by Pengman
Acoustic Samples (rather excellent) B-5 organ sound library runs in the UVI Workstation plugin which I can load into Forte 3 OK, but when I try to create a scene I get the error message ""UVIWorkstation" generated an exception when asked for the size of it's save data". The B-5 organ sound library runs fine in UVI Workstation which runs fine in Forte 3, its just that i can't create an scenes for it, so it's pretty much useless as a gigging VST in Forte 3. I've run the problem past Acoustic Samples with screen shots of the errors, but no response yet. Any comments or advice anyone? - I don't suppose Forte 4 is likely to be more tolerant is it?