Problems with Rapture Pro

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Problems with Rapture Pro

Postby tombo86 » Tue May 26, 2015 2:40 pm

I am having several problems with Rapture Pro (recently released by Cakewalk) in Forte 4.0.15. I am using the 64-bit version of Rapture Pro.

1- Quite often, an instance of Rapture Pro in a rack will stop producing any sound. Nothing I do seems to get it to make sound again, including closing and reopening Forte. My only recourse is to delete the instance of RP and create a new one. I can see that RP is getting midi, both by the Forte midi indicator and by the virtual keyboard in RP. I have had this happen multiple times, with different settings in RP.
2- The GUI for RP often takes a long time to open for the first time in a session. It can take 30 seconds. Once opened, it will reopen fairly quickly, but sometimes, it reverts to taking a long time even in the same session.
3- Opening the GUI, then switching to another tab, such as Midi Routing, then back to the RP GUI tab results in the upper ~75 pixels not being drawn. If the GUI has been floated into its own window, resizing the window repaints the entire GUI
4- When floating the RP GUI, then closing it, then reopening it, the window is really small - about 100px x 100px.

#1 is a deal breaker - I can't use Rapture Pro in Forte at all because of this.

Thanks for any help,

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