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Hypersonic 2 Successor available , 64bit

Posted: Mon Nov 17, 2014 6:50 am
by beatlab
Hi all,

just want to let you know there is a "kind" of Hypersonic 2 Successor available since a few weeks. Xpand!2 from Air Musictech.
To be honest it´s no real successor but it´s been developed by the same german team (former WIZOO, now Avid), it also has about 1,5GB content and quite a lot of the Sounds are sounding very, very familiar to me as a long time Hypersonic 2 User.
So I assume it´s based on the same content.
It´s a lot more basic than HS2 because you only have 4 multitimbral parts and only very limited editing features.
But what I liked most on HS2 (almost no CPU usage and almost no breaks on scene change) is the same with Xpand!2.
Just tried it in Forte 3 and it worked super fast without any problems.

As we all know you can´t expect Premium Quality Sounds from a 1,5GB library, but for some basic Pad or synth sounds it could be a real performance saving workhorse. So I´ll give it a try. Pricing is also OK in my opinion.