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Load order issue with UltraNova Editor x64 and Reaktor 5

Posted: Thu Nov 06, 2014 1:56 am
by sosKeys
I've had two instruments, Spark and Prism, running in separate instances of Reaktor 5. When I added the UltraNova editor, it would not run in x64 under Forte 3, so I used jBridge and the 32 bit version. Loading that rack into F4 resulted in the UltraNova editor being proxied; subsequent attempt to load the x64 version of Ultranova caused a similar crash as that observed with F3.

On preparation for moving from F3 to F4, I resolved the problem by:

1) Deleting both Reaktor instances (verified that deleting only one doesn't work)
2) Copying the jBridge UltraNova editor to the x64 version
3) Reloading Reaktor

This is confirmed to load reliably, so it appears that

a) the order in which Forte loads VSTs follows the order in which they are added to the rack (not surprising) AND
b) there is an incompatibility between Reaktor and the Ultranova editor when Reaktor is loaded first.

Loading the rack in Safe Mode with Reaktor disabled does not resolve the load issue with Ultranova x64 when Reaktor was added to the rack before Ultranova -- it still crashes F3.

Re: Load order issue with UltraNova Editor x64 and Reaktor 5

Posted: Fri Jan 30, 2015 12:45 am
by sosKeys
The incompatibility between Reaktor and Ultranova Editor has returned. After making some edits to an effects insert on Ultranova (BlueCat Gain), Forte hung and refused to reload, even after a full restart. Disabling either Reaktor or Ultranova in a Safe Mode startup allowed the rack to load. Since Reaktor will run standalone, my current workaround is to use EHCo to send MIDI to Reaktor using an MOLCP MIDI pipe, then return the audio to Forte using spare ADAT I/O on my 828 Mk3. Ugly, but it seems to be the only way to get the Ultranova Editor and Reaktor to play together.

It would be nice to try to get to the root cause of the incompatibility between these plugins, but I don't really know where to start. So far, nothing useful has been logged (though I did just turn up the log level to Warning) and there is no opportunity to send a crash report.... Forte just hangs. I a couple of instances, it actually hung the computer completely, even losing mouse control, but I haven't yet determined what the factors are in such a crash.