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EnergyXT's Scene State is not being saved

Posted: Sun Mar 30, 2014 2:23 am
by John Dumke
When I use the EnergyXT vst and load a .xt file everything works just fine. Under FILE > SETUP > PROJECT the "Project" location and "Audio Files" path shows, and the wav file plays just fine.

But after updating the scene and saving the rack, if I restart Forte and the previous rack, the wav file no longer plays and the "Project" and "Audio Files" path shows empty. It looks like the Scene state is not saved. EnergyXT's windows shows the wav file name, but says that the sample is not loaded.

The wav files are on the local C: drive and the EnergyXT vst scene in Forte was saved with the path entered correctly.

Any Ideas?

Forte 64 bit, jbridge, Win 8.1