Looking for a sample player vsti

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Looking for a sample player vsti

Postby stomperbob » Mon Nov 25, 2013 1:42 pm

I need a vsti that will play a wav file from a midi controller once I strike a key and play until I strike the key again.

For example, the drum machine loop used in "No one is to blame" by Howard Jones.

Any suggestions?

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Re: Looking for a sample player vsti

Postby DarkKman » Wed Nov 27, 2013 5:38 am

Well the only VSTi that I use that will do this are Kontakt (you can set MIDI Latch in the scripts) so each time a key is pressed (and released) it will remain pressed (NOTE-ON) until pressed and released again. Stylus RMX does something similar (I think)... I use this feature a lot but I use the hardware. I have a set of controller pads which I can switch to "latch" mode. I also use a controller pedal which outputs both Program Change messages and MIDICC messages via a tool called MIDIOX which converts these to MIDI Note On/Off which makes the pedal act like a latch switch.

A quick google search for Latch VSTs brough this up; which may be useful.

As for sample players (not necessarily with a latch - which is what you seem to need), I use SAM!Solo (free) and ShortCircuit (free) along with Kontakt and Stylus RMX.

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