Forte 3 - NI B4 II[jBridged]

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Forte 3 - NI B4 II[jBridged]

Postby campus » Tue Jun 19, 2012 10:38 am

Hi Guys,

I´m using a notebook (win7 64bit, i5, 4gb ram) and updated my forte 2 system to forte 3 64 bit. the plugins I´m using are NI B4 II and Steinberg Halion. There is a 64bit version of Halion but just a 32bit version of B4 II. On the homepage I saw that it is possible to get 32bit plugins working under 64bit forte 3 with jBridge. So I downloaded the demoversion of jBridge and installed it. I get the bridged version of B4 scanned and loaded into the rack. I can see the GUI and can play sounds. However, when I save the scene and recall it (no matter if prtected or not), the B4´s soundname changes but the drawbars are restored to no sound (all drawbars are muted --> no sound). I already bought the full version of jBridge but it has a delivery time of 24h...

Am I missing something, some settings or is this the normal behavior?

Any help is much appreciated ;)


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Re: Forte 3 - NI B4 II[jBridged]

Postby lancaster6 » Thu Jun 21, 2012 2:37 pm

sry, i dont have an answer for you. i too have had problems with b4II from the git go (all the way back to forte 1), and when i started having problems with F3, i just abandoned it for NI"vintage organs". just a suggestion, but i have had 0 issues since changing over. granted i had to remake a bunch of patches, and use NI's kontakt 4 bank, but i am not sorry i did so. personally,VO sounds better to me, and using K4, u can add pitch bend , which afaik, you cannot achieve with B4II.
this B4II issue may never get fixed as it is not being supported/updated any longer by NI. so if u own VO and the full kontakt version 4 or 5 (i'm not sure pitch bend,bank creation, and other functions will be available using just the free kontakt player), i would suggest giving it a try.

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Re: Forte 3 - NI B4 II[jBridged]

Postby Burtan » Wed Jun 27, 2012 1:50 am

You could also try VB3 Form GSI. Im using it with jbridge and it runs flawlessly.


Re: Forte 3 - NI B4 II[jBridged]

Postby campus » Thu Jun 28, 2012 1:45 am

Hi guys,

Thank you for your answers.

It is working now: I installed the full version of jBridge and made sure that all applications are run as administrator and rescanned the plugins.


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