HalionSonic/CPU issues/Hyperthreading disable?

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HalionSonic/CPU issues/Hyperthreading disable?

Postby hisdudeness » Tue Jun 21, 2011 3:36 am

Dear all,

I recently bought the Steinberg HalionSonic VSTi and I`m really impressed! All the sounds (even piano, e-piano and organ) are there in a high quality with lots of features to edit and perform live with Midi controls. Seems that I found my swiss army knife in regard of VST-instruments ;-)

There`s only one problem: The latency and/or CPU utilization: When loading two or three patches in an HS multi, especially strings, I got a lot of crackles and the CPU utilization went up way more then before using only NI AP, EP, B4, Pro53 and Alicia`s Keys.
Strange, since HS comes "only" with about 12GB of sample content. It also takes some time to load the patches (which I don`t mind since it`s a few seconds), but I had to increase my latency settings for my EMU 1616m (with cardbus) from 5ms to 10ms and it`s still not enough. Depending on how long I hold some string pads there`re still crackles (btw I set the EMU to "use preferred ASIO buffer size, so that`s not the issue).

Now I read today on some boards that indeed HS make highly use of CPU power. But I also read that HS should have issues with Hyperthreading and one guy switched off Hyperthreading for his system and the crackles were gone.

So here`s the question: Is there any benefit with Forte using Hyperthreading or can I disable it without having issues? Or even better, anybody around here having any experience with HS and Forte?

First I thought to switch the soundcard from EMU to the new MOTU audio express since I`m a bit annoyed anyway by using the "preffered ASIO buffer size" switch in Forte.
But now it seems that I should save the money for a new laptop because of my old CPU? Not sure about that since the CPU utilization is quite high wth HS but not permanently at 100%.

Thanks a lot for any help!

Best regards

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