Kontakt 4 inside energyXT 2.5 crashes forte

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Kontakt 4 inside energyXT 2.5 crashes forte

Postby fab » Tue Oct 26, 2010 4:59 am

if I follow this procedure:

- make a fresh rack in Forte 2 (latest build)
- load energyXT 2.54 (same with 2.53) as a vsti
- load Kontakt 4 (latest build) inside energyXT (modular tab) as vsti
- save

i get a forte crash if I reopen the rack with a screen telling me about a crash in eXT. reproducible each time. i had to clean out the eXT preset folder, too, otherwise the same happened each time I inserted an instance of eXT.

I would like to wrap Kontakt in eXT in my new rack in order to use two independent Kontakt outputs and send the outputs from eXT to Forte via auxbusses.

I have mailed the rack to the support email adress.


Re: Kontakt 4 inside energyXT 2.5 crashes forte

Postby Florian » Wed Nov 24, 2010 3:51 am

I'm having the exact same problem. Loading a rack file with Kontakt 2 or 4 wrapped up in energyXT crashes Forte even if it's an empty instance of Kontakt and even if the "send data on scene change" is turned off.
That's bad because I wanted to have all my keyboard-type instruments wrapped up as one plugin in my rack...

Is anyone else having this kind of problem?

Dirk Offringa
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Re: Kontakt 4 inside energyXT 2.5 crashes forte

Postby Dirk Offringa » Wed Nov 24, 2010 5:52 am


As fab mentioned, it's a crash inside eXT 2.5. You should go to developers support forums and start from there.

Life would be much easier if I had the source code.

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