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[in this case solved] Overloud TH-1 ignored

Posted: Wed Jan 06, 2010 5:06 am
by fab
[edit]: i installed TH-1 again (no second registration necessary) and i ran the vst scanning process again. that solved it for me, now it is recognized. but something is up.

My Overloud TH-1 not loaded but marked ignored (not a plugin) in 2.1.

Up to now I had no problem whatsoever with TH-1 but now I have transferred my system on an SSD as system HD, doing a new clean install of windows XP.

(The 128 GB Samsung SSD gives me noticeably shorter load times, btw, for forte racks and samples).

So I re-registered TH-1, which is PACE protected, using the CR-procedure. I have no ilok dongle.

TH-1 is correctly installed and registered and loads in reaper and energyXT 2.5, even wrapped in eXT inside forte. It is a VST, not a DX.