Forte 2.0 doesn't recognize some plugins

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Forte 2.0 doesn't recognize some plugins

Postby carpenzano » Wed Jan 28, 2009 6:37 pm

I've just installed Forte 2.0: really great!
However I've found that it doesn't recognize some popular plugins, as:
- Voxengo Overtone GEQ 1.6
- N.I. Absynth 3
- Pianissimo
Others, as SampleLord, SFZ and The Grand are in the bad plugins list.
Does anyone know the reason why?

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Re: Forte 2.0 doesn't recognize some plugins

Postby MikeG » Wed Jan 28, 2009 6:46 pm

If you set your log file for Information, and reprofile your plugins, any rejections will have the reason listed in the log file.

Mike (brainspawn)

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