OBX-Pro Problem

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OBX-Pro Problem

Postby pedrosura » Sat Oct 25, 2008 11:55 am

I have the OBX-Pro on Forte running along side the CS80, Sample Moog, Minimoog from Arturia. I have set up different channels to transmit to the different VSTs. So, for example, if obx is on channell 1 and CS80 on 2 and Sample Moog on 3 and Minimoog on 4 when I switch channell on the midi controller to go from instrument to instrument when I select channel 1 again (OBX) the volume gets reset to zero and I have to from the controllet volume to get volume back. Alll other parameters retain their values. The workaround is to move the volume slider after selecting channell 1 to get volume back. It seems like it`s a problem with the OBX vst. Anyone has the OBX that can confirm?

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