Forte 4.5 Technical Preview #4 Release Notes

Forte 4.5 Technical Preview #4 (changes from 4.2.8)
Download from the downloads page (download the latest beta).  NOTE:  This is not released software and should be used only for testing.
* Plugin Replacement Tool

The Tools menu now has a new menu item “Replace Plugins in this Rack File…” that guides you through the process of replacing a plugin in your rack file.  This is done by saving and reloading your rack file in a new mode that asks if you wish to replace each plugin.  If you say “Yes” it will ask you to select the plugin to use instead.  After testing and updating scenes you can re-save the rack file to make the changes permanent.  This is useful for replacing plugins that are upgrades from existing plugins and that you expect to read the same configuration data.

* Added plugin effects to instrument plugin tree

You can now select non-instrument (i.e. effect) plugins in the instrument menu.  This is a convenience that creates a new audio input module with the selected effect in the insert effect bin.

* DPI Awareness option in Settings

This enables or disables the applications’ knowledge of DPI awareness, enabling you to customize the size of the user interface for high DPI displays.

* Added Trim Rack checkbox option to preserve existing plugin configuration data.

When this option is checked the scenes are updated but the plugin data for each plugin is preserved.  This only removes unused information and updates MIDI and other scene information.

Other Enhancements
* Read/Write JSON formatted plugin cache files (plugins.json and plugins64.json). Add VST diagnostic information to each VST plugin in JSON cache file.

Bug Fixes
* Fixed scene browse cancel – don’t allow select to work if canceled
* Fix Waveshell plugin naming where plugin menu would show the generic Waveshell DLL name.
* Fix Arturia plugins compatibility fix
* Z3TA+ 2 compatibility fix
* Other miscellaneous fixes

* Remove Readme at end of installer
* fixed tray icons
* Hide JBridge options in plug-in manager if not installed.
* removed tip of the day from help menu
* Set Browser UI update
* Rack Manager UI style improvements