Forte 4.5 Preview Release Notes

Forte 4.5 is a FREE update but requires Windows 10.  Focusing our support and development on Windows 10 allows us to add features that are not available in older versions (like high DPI support) and reduces the support needed for many different flavors of OS.  Windows 10 has matured to the point that it is clearly the go-forward Windows platform.  If you need to run on an older version of Windows, please continue to use Forte 4.2.

Download it here


  • Added Trim Rack option to preserve existing plugin blobs

Visual Improvements

  • Redesigned play/stop tray icons
  • UI style update for Rack Manager
  • DPI Awareness (OPTIONS.INI [Defaults]DPIAware=1 or 0 and Rack Appearance Options checkbox).  This option allows you to enable or disable the application’s DPI awareness which controls how Windows renders UI elements, including plugin UI views.  If you find the plugin UI to be incorrectly sized on your monitor, you may disable DPI awareness.

VST Plugin Fixes

  • Fixed Waves Waveshell plugin naming where plugin menu would show the generic Waveshell DLL name.

Automation Fixes

  • Fixed broken automation for play/stop toggle
  • Fixed deadlock with control surfaces like Korg Nanokontrol 2.

Installer and Misc Changes

  • Removed tip of the day from Help menu
  • Removed README from installer


  • Better error message when Forte can’t backup a file on save