Forte 4.2.8 Update

Forte 4.2.8 is now available for download.


  • Copyright updates to 2017
  • New Code Signing Certificate
  • Added backup method to find VST plugin by ID – racks plugins now have “VSTID” tags that can be used as a backup way to location VSTs on load.
  • Fix Halion 6 GUI size by handling the audioMasterSizeWindow opcode
  • Fixed rounding errors in volume slider
  • Fixed WASAPI audio input support
  • fix SceneView switch scenes
  • Fixed deadlock with control surfaces.
  • Better error message when Forte can’t backup a file on save
  • Fixed transport toggle automation
  • Fixed scene browse cancel – don’t allow select to work if canceled
  • Removed readme from install script
  • Added a rack load time check for duplicate scene IDs – fail to load with a message.
  • Fixed some debug runtime check errors
  • Fixed crash on add plugin to favorites.

These are most of the bug fixes included in 4.5 without the DPI and other improvements. These are chosen for low risk to enable a short beta cycle.