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Forte 4.2.7 (RELEASED – Built August 12, 2016)

  • Fixed a problem where some VST plugins packaged in a “shell” (e.g. Waves) would not all be enumerated correctly.

Forte 4.2.6 (RELEASED – Built June 26, 2016)

  • Fixed a problem where audio might not work in WASAPI mode

Forte 4.2.4 (RELEASED – Built June 20, 2016)

  • In SceneView, if the Title bar is hidden, hide everything but the close button (including diagnostics).
  • Fixed meters on rescaled UI

Forte 4.2.3 (Technical Preview – Built April 21, 2016)

  • Fixed a problem where Forte would crash on startup when the splash screen is disabled (introduced in 4.2).
  • Several rack editor fixes and visual enhancements (including a crash and an instance where changes didn’t behave as expected)
  • Several MIDI automation manager fixes
  • Fixed display of SceneView images (introduced in 4.2)

Forte 4.2.2 (Technical Preview – Built April 8, 2016)

  • Potential fix for a problem some people were having starting Forte.  This delays the loading and usage of PortAudio.dll unless you are explicitly using WASAPI.  it also turns off some unused support in PortAudio.

EHCo (Released March 28, 2016)

  • Fixed problem where very large .INS files could crash EHCo when saving a scene..

Forte 4.2.1 (Technical Preview – Built March 23, 2016)

  • Fixed problem where a rack save would not re-loadable in some cases because the output plugin was being saved with the wrong XML tag (“PlugIn” instead of “OutputDevice”).
  • Fixed some issues with Arturia plugins not reacting correctly to scene changes:  Vox, Matrix, and Solina
  • NOTE:  This will not be the final 4.2 release as it still contains some issues in the Rack Editor that need to be addressed.

Forte 4.2.0 (PRERELEASE – Built February 11, 2016)

The theme of the 4.2 release is visual and usability improvements, as well as help for those first getting, started.

Visual Improvements

  • Rack Visual Updates – The rack visuals have been changed to make them “flatter” (all the rage these days) with less color splash. The bus modules have also been changed to distinguish them visually from instrument modules.
  • Rack Visual Scaling – The rack view can now be scaled larger or smaller to match your display including the newer Ultra-HD monitors with 4K resolution. The preferences are located in the Options Menu under Program Settings. See the Rack Display Appearance page.
  • SceneView Visual Improvements – SceneView has been updated to make the interactive buttons more visible, especially the all important PANIC and POWER buttons, which are now red. Additionally, by selecting the included “lowres.css” style sheet in Program Settings SceneView page (this file is located in the installation folder), you can now make SceneView work on a monitor with 800×600 resolution.
  • SceneView Enhancements – SceneView now also includes an Audio and MIDI diagnostic section at the top which enables you to quickly see system status including MIDI event counts, audio dropout counts, sample rate, and buffer size (latency.)

Getting Started and Ease of Use

  • Windows Audio Session – Added WASAPI support and made it default audio mode. This will allow first-time users to experience Forte even without specialized ASIO audio hardware using only their laptop sound.
  • Included VSTi Synth Plugin – Forte now includes TAL-Elek7ro-II VSTi courtesy of the good folks at Togu Audio Line ( This enables first-time users to get started faster. The plugin is installed in the Forte installation folder and is automatically discovered without having to run the Plugin Manager.
  • Demo Rack – Forte now includes a demo rack that is loaded on first-time startup. This rack can then be opened again with the new File menu command Open Demo Rack. This rack file demonstrates some basic capabilities using the included TAL-Elek7ro plugin.
  • Updated Audio Settings – The Audio Settings page in Program Settings has been redesigned for clarity. The buffer size selection is now a slider which is easily changeable. Also, a drop list enables you to select your preferred audio output when adding the first instrument to an empty rack.
  • First Time Startup – Forte now does not have to restart when choosing audio settings on first-time startup
  • New shortcut keys – F2=Program Settings, Ctrl-A = audio settings (when the plugin consoles are closed)

Bug Fixes

  • We have fixed the most frequently encountered Forte crash: the crash on restart after choosing audio settings for the 1st time
  • The bus module volume slider now includes a live update tooltip again (it went missing for awhile).
  • Finally fixed the long-standing problem where undocked plugins would not re-open to the correct screen location but would be reduced in size.
  • And many other things…

Other Notes

  • The OPTIONS.INI variable [Audio]DefaultASIODriver is now unused and removed.

Forte 4.1.9 (RELEASED January 25, 2016)

  • Copy in user copy of DeviceCompatibility if it doesn’t exist already (in user application data folder where OPTIONS.INI exists)
  • Added fixes for NI Kontakt 5 and Guitar Rig to DeviceCompatibility file
  • Added Bus Volume Adjust to Control Surface Editor
  • Added two new Bus Volume Adjust (trim) example control surfaces
    • BCF2000 MIDI Mode 8x Bus Volume/Trim Adjust
    • Korg nanoKONTROL2 on channel 1 8x Bus Volume/Trim Adjust
  • Fixed a bug in how Bus Volume Adjust is updated to control surfaces

Forte 4.1.7 (RELEASED October 1, 2015)

  • Fixed set order number starting at 0 instead of 1 in several menus and quick scene pick
  • Fixed highlighting of browse set selection
  • Updated to latest Qt Libraries
  • Fixed a crash in the SYSEX input processing
  • Fixed the use of normal accelerator keys in the Rack Editor
  • Fixed the “Down” button for reordering songs in Rack Editor
  • Fixed hang when pressing the Insert button when no song is selected in Rack Editor
  • Fixed a problem where songs were not saved if no set was defined

Forte 4.1.3 (RELEASED June 27, 2015)

  • Several performance improvements in audio streaming
  • Fixed crash on clone set/remove scenes
  • Fixed several other potential crash cases
  • Fixed a bug where tempo would get corrupted when stopping and restarting streaming
  • Fixed a hang condition
  • Changed the Windows manifest to run as “InvokeAs” instead of “highestAvailable” for compatibility with Novation Automap

Forte 4.1.1 BETA (June 12, 2015)

  • Fixed a problem where tempo could be incorrect after restarting rack audio streaming.

Forte 4.1 BETA/EHCo 2.4 Beta (June 2, 2015)

  • Improved audio streaming efficiency and thread performance (e.g. fixed a bug with MMCSS on 64 bit)
  • Fixed a number of crashes, especially in 64 bit.

Forte 4.0.15 (Released March 27, 2015)

  • Fixed crash on importing scenes into an empty rack
  • Fixed crash with Kontakt 5 when saving a rack or creating/updating schemes using large sample libraries

Forte 4.0.14 (Released February 23, 2015)

  • Fixed occasional crash when closing rack file
  • Fixed a bug where scenes were getting duplicated and corrupted when after reordering them
  • Better touch mode support in SceneView – added a “Switch” button to the top of the scene list to actuate the highlighted scene (only when touch mode is enabled).
  • Enabled wrapping of text in scene descriptions in SceneView – layout improvements (descriptions are not shown for any but the current and next scenes to save space)
  • Fixed a bug in the MIDI CC editor if a parameter number greater then the maximum number of supported parameters is specified.

Forte 4.0.13 (Released February 2, 2015)

  • Fixed unicode/utf-8 user names in registration
  • Fixed problem with MIDI CC toggle mode
  • Fixed MIDI meter alternate min/max

Forte 4 .0.11 (Released 12/16/2014)

  • Fixed an issue with plugin compatibility for old 32 bit plugins – this specifically addresses 32 bit Forte and the ability to discover and use NI Pro-53

Forte 4 .0.10 (Released 12/10/2014)

  • Fixed audio distortion with NI Guitar Rig 5
  • Fixed a crash when changing audio inputs in WDM mode
  • Fixed audio distortion with audio inputs on some ASIO devices including Presonus AudioBox 1818VSL