VST Plugins List

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VST Plugins List

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This is the list of discovered VST plugins.  It includes the plugin name, the plugin vendor, what type of plugin it is, and the DLL pathname.


You may select one or more plugins and Remove or Ignore the DLLs that host these plugins.  Ignored plugins will go on the Ignored VST Files List as "user ignored".


If jBridge is installed and the "Automatically use jBridge if needed" checkbox is checked, Forte will automatically create jBridged versions of plugins.  When Forte scans for VST plugins and encounters a DLL file it cannot load using normal means, it will attempt to load it using jBridge.  If this is successful, Forte will note that it is a bridged plugin of the alternate bit width, but will treat it exactly as if it had been scanned in the normal way.  See Using jBridge for details.