Using jBridge

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Using jBridge

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Forte includes support for jBridge to support 32 bit VST plugins within 64 bit Forte and vice versa.  jBridge is a separate product not affiliated with Brainspawn.  Without a bridge like this, Forte can only load plugins that match the "bit-width" of Forte (e.g. 64 bit Forte cannot load a 32 bit VST plugin).


jBridge is available on the Web.  Search for "jBridge VST".


jBridge works by interposing itself between Forte and VST plugins and operating on the plugin's behalf.  Forte interacts with jBridge while presenting the user with a view of the plugin itself.  jBridge handles making this transparent.  The result is that 64 bit Forte can use 64 bit jBridge to host a 32 bit VST plugin.


Forte has a checkbox option in Plugin Manager to "Automatically use jBridge if needed."  If checked, when Forte scans for VST plugins and encounters a DLL file it cannot load using normal means, it will attempt to load it using jBridge.  If this is successful, Forte will note that it is a bridged plugin of the alternate bit width, but will treat it exactly as if it had been scanned in the normal way.


When a bridged plugin is loaded (either during rack creation or rack load) Forte will load it using jBridge.


Forte 3 Compatibility Note


Forte 3 had a checkbox in Plugin Manager to "Enable jBridge (if installed)" which behaved differently than Forte 4.  If checked, the Forte 3 Plugin Manager would create jBridged versions of every VST it scanned.  These were considered different plugins, were listed separately, and you could use either one.  However, this created some usage difficulties and that option is now hidden in Forte 4. If you wish to use this behavior with Forte 4, you must manually edit the OPTIONS.INI file.  See OPTIONS.INI for details.


Side-by-Side 32 and 64 bit VST Plugins


An additional complexity arises when both 32 and 64 bit versions of the same plugin are in the Forte 4 scan path.  Since they both are identified as the same plugin, which becomes the "official" plugin?  Forte removes conflicts by marking one or the other as "Ignored".  The policy has two stages of priority:


1.The newer version of a plugin is the "official" plugin and the older one is marked as an older revision and ignored, regardless of 32 or 64 bit compatibility.
2.If the plugins are of the same version, the one matching the bit width of Forte (e.g. 64 bit plugins on 64 bit Forte) is made the "official" plugin and the other is marked ignored with an explanatory note.