ECHo User Interface

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ECHo User Interface

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User Interface Element Reference

Device:  Load INS files to learn bank, patch, and controller names.  INS files are the format used to import instrument information into Cakewalk products and are available via a web search.
Sysex Prefix:  System exclusive data can be modified as it is transmitted to adjust for different MIDI device IDs.  The prefix here replaces the first bytes of the stored system exclusive data.
Output Port:  Determines which output port MIDI will be transmitted on
Channel:  Alters the channel of transmitted MIDI data.  Using this, you can force all channelized MIDI to be transmitted on a single channel.
Send MIDI Sync:  Send MIDI Sync to the selected output port


Scene Command List:  This is a list of MIDI data that is transmitted when the current scene is switched to
MIDI Data:  A list of MIDI messages to be transmitted
Scene Command List Editing Buttons:  Buttons to manage items in the scene command list:  Add, Remove, Edit
Send/Send All:  Send either the current selected item or all items immediately
Test:  Set up and run the Closed Loop MIDI Test


MIDI In/Out Meters:  These display activity when MIDI is detected.  The strength of each event is Note velocity or CC value.