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Set Browser

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The Set Browser is a display for selecting a portion of the set to move directly to.


GOTO Button in SceneView

The GOTO button in SceneView opens the Set Browser with a list of the entire setlist.  Select a scene and and Forte will advance or go back to that set item.  The display is optimized for touch and swipe scrolling. The display will automatically cancel and close after 10 seconds without a selection made.




MIDI Automation

MIDI Automation can also cause the Set Browser to be displayed.  The forms this supports are:

Browse to a scene in the set
Browse to a song in the set (select 1st scene)
Insert new scene into set from scene pool list
Insert new song into set from song pool list


Touch Mode

If Touch Mode is enabled in Program Settings (General Options), the list can be navigated using touch gestures (swipe scrolling).  Otherwise, it uses scrollbar gestures.