Sending MIDI On Scene Change

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Sending MIDI On Scene Change

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EHCo can store and transmit multiple MIDI messages when Forte changes scenes.  In the example below, four MIDI messages are defined, each of a different type.  When the current scene is switched to, each is sent in order.  Only those message marked “Enabled” are sent.  You may transmit each manually with the “send” button or transmit all manually with the “send-all” button.




Press ‘add’ to create a new MIDI message.  A menu appears giving you a choice of which type of message to create:

Controller value - enables you to send specific CC values to devices on scene change
Generic MIDI message - this enables you to enter a MIDI message using a hexadecimal editor.  If this message is a CC or program message, it will open in the appropriate editor when you press “edit.”
Bank/Program Change - this enables you to select a preset using the instrument definitions imported from INF files.
System Exclusive - One or more blocks of system exclusive data be- ginning with 0xF0 and ending with 0xF7.
Wait - Pauses a specified number of milliseconds between messages.


Removing MIDI Messages

Highlight a message and click ‘remove’ to delete it.


Sysex Prefix

For your convenience, and to avoid having to edit system exclusive data manually, the Sysex Prefix window enables you to quickly replace the first few bytes of any system exclusive data in the list.  This can be used to modify the Sysex ID of any transmitted data to match your MIDI device configuration.  For instance, a Roland XP-50 typically responds to device 17.  If you have changed this to another number, you should enter the correct bytes into the Prefix area.  The bytes must start at the beginning of the system exclusive message and will replace as many bytes as are in the prefix.


Editing MIDI Messages

Select a message and press ‘edit’ to edit the data.  An editor dialog appropriate for the type of message appears.  The system exclusive editor is a hexadecimal editor with the ability to import and export .SYX files.