What's in a Scene?

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What's in a Scene?

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A scene is a basic building block of a Forte rack file.


control module overview


A Scene contains:




Most scene attributes are adjustable in the Setlist and Scenes Editor.  Plugin data is adjustable by altering the plugin's user interface and updating the scene.


Name and Description

The Name is the primary name of the scene.  The Description is intended to be a user defined area to describe the scene.



Scenes can be checked or unchecked.  A special setlist includes only checked scenes.
The lock check protects a scene against accidental update.


Transport Play/Stop/Rewind State

Even though Forte is not a sequencer, many virtual instruments and effects depend upon host transport control to control drum machine patterns and arpeggiators.  For this reason, Forte features a transport-like functions per scene as well as a PLAY/STOP button.



Each Scene may have the transport in either the Play state or the Stop state. This means you can stop and start drum machines on scene change.  When play starts, Forte reports a start position determined in the scene. If you stop and restart the play button, the position will either continue or be reset to the start time depending upon how the scene is set up.


Press the PLAY button on the Control Model to Play/Stop the transport.
Press the PANIC button on the Control Model send all notes off to all plugins and reset the MIDI input ports.


Rewind on Play/Stop

A scene can be set up to either rewind the transport on play or stop, or leave the play position where it is stopped.  On Rewind the transport returns to the Start Bar:Beat position.  By default a scene has Rewind enabled.


Time Signature and Start Bar:Beat

A Scene contains a configurable time signature and a start bar:beat.  The start bar:beat is set when the scene is switched to and if rewind is enabled, start bar:beat is returned to on Play or Stop.  By default a scene has a 4/4 time signature and a start bar:beat of 0:0.


Current Tempo and MIDI Sync Follow

Each scene can contain a tempo instruments and effects can sync to. In addition, you may optionally choose to have Forte adjust the tempo dynamically from incoming MIDI Clock messages from a chosen MIDI input port.  Select the MIDI input port and responsiveness in the Global MIDI Automation display.


Transpose Amount

Forte includes several ways to transpose a performance up or down by scene, song, or set.  See Scene and Set Manager and Transpose for more details.


Image Cue

An image cue can be attached to a scene.  SceneView will display this image when the scene is used.


Plugin State

For each plugin in the rack:

Plugin configuration
MIDI Routing
Scene Commands
Audio Mix