Scene Commands

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Scene Commands

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Scene Change Tab on a plugin



Set Configuration Data (FXB, FXP, and/or DirectX Preset Data)

This option selects how configuration data is applied to the plugin:


Do not set per-Scene plugin configuration data – when this is checked, data specific to each scene is not loaded into this instrument.  Instead the instrument is loaded once with the configuration it held when the rack file was last saved and maintains that configuration across all scene changes in the rack. This is selected any time a plugin is loaded that appears on the scene skip list in Program Settings.
Auto:  Set plugin configuration if it is different from the previous scene – Forte tracks the data sent to a plugin and this option will only send configuration data if it is different than what was loaded by the previous scene. This can reduce scene change times by avoiding unnecessary operations. Note that Forte cannot know if you have manually changed the plugin’s configuration; the comparison is only done between the data of the previous scene and the current scene.
Yes:  Set plugin configuration when changing to this scene –  load configuration data into the instrument when changing to this scene
No:  Do not set plugin configuration when changing to this scene –  do not load configuration data into the instrument when changing to this scene.



Send all notes off to the instrument – sends a note off for each playing note, plus the MIDI “All Notes Off” command on each channel.
Send all sounds off to the instrument – sends MIDI “All Sounds Off” command on each channel.
Reset all controllers – sends MIDI “Reset All Controllers” command on each channel.


Program Changes

This option enables you to send a program change to each MIDI channel.  The menu has an option called “Program Change…” that enables you to enter the bank and program number manually. In the Enter Bank/Program dialog box, a button called “BankCalc” enables you to enter the bank number in MSB/LSB format for your convenience.


Held Notes over Scene Changes

With specific settings on the Scene Commands tab it is possible to hold notes over scene changes. This can only happen, however, if the MIDI filtering for the plugin is the same in the new scene as in the old scene. If the new MIDI filter is more restrictive (passes fewer notes or has a different transpose setting) the playing notes are forced off to avoid hanging notes.


Using Samplers with Scene Changes

Some plugins require a significant amount of time to process setting configuration data. Many of these are samplers which must load new sample sets into memory when configuration data is applied. Therefore to properly use plugins like this, you should configure them to “Set configuration data only if this is the first scene used”, and use a combination of MIDI channel filtering and program changes when changing scenes to alter their sounds.