Global MIDI Automation

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Global MIDI Automation

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Scene changes and other operations can be automated with user definable MIDI events or by specific control surface commands.  Access the Global MIDI Automation manager by pressing the RACK EDITOR button on the Control Module and selecting the Global MIDI Automation tab.


Press ADD... to display a menu of available automation actions.  Select on eto add it to the MIDI Automation list.  Then alter the Port, Channel, Event Type, etc to match the MIDI input events you wish to trigger the automation action.  You can also press LEARN to cause Forte to capture the next MIDI event and use that as the trigger.


Use the SELECT ALL, DESELECT ALL, and REMOVE SELECTED buttons to remove MIDI Automations.





MIDI Sync Port

Scene Tempo can be configured to listen to MIDI Sync events on a selected input port.  Choose the port name from the drop down list.  Use the slider to adjust sensitivity.  Left causes the tempo to be more responsive to incoming sync period changes, but also causes the resulting tempo to be less stable.  Right causes the tempo to be less responsive but more stable.



A set of MIDI Automation items can be saved as a named preset and recalled in other racks.  Type a preset name and press SAVE to save a preset.  Press LOAD to recall a preset and press REMOVE to remove the selected preset.


Accessing Large Numbers of Scenes using Bank Select and Program Change

One of the available MIDI automations is to select scene by program change.  By default, a bank of scenes consists of up to 128 scenes, each selectable via program change.  If more than 128 scenes exist in the active setlist, MIDI bank select (CC0 and CC32) can be used to select alternate banks of 128 scenes.  In order for this feature to work, the controller must send bank selects starting at 0, 1, 2, etc. Some devices use different bank numbering schemes that may not work.


NOTE: Using alternate MIDI controllers:  You may change the number of scenes per bank by modifying a setting in OPTIONS.INI.  Select Tools|View INI Files… and open OPTIONS.INI.  Find the line that says “ScenesPerBank=128” and change that to a different value.  If you change this to 4, for example, you must select bank 1, program 0 to access the 4th scene in the setlist.  Likewise, bank 2, program 2 would select the 10th scene. The ability to alter the number of scenes per bank can be useful when using some MIDI controllers like guitar footboards that select programs using separate pedals.