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Plugin Console

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Each instrument has its own user interface, called a “Console” (e.g. Native Instruments B4 has the vintage drawbar organ keyboard shown below). Consoles can be either displayed or hidden.




Docking and Floating the Instrument Console

The console may either be docked (embedded in the Forte window below the Instrument Module strip) or floating (shown in a separate window).  To float a docked console, double click on the docking handle or single click on the float button at the top left of the console window.  To dock a floating window, double click on the title bar of the console window.


Preset Manager

Forte features easy access to different preset sounds on an instrument.  These sounds can be either built into the instrument (similar to ROM presets on hardware sound modules), or created and stored by the user (similar to RAM presets on hardware sound modules.) Regardless of the type of preset, Forte always displays presets in an easy-to-find alphabetical format broken into sub-menus. A user-defined preset has a “user” icon next to the name whereas ROM presets have a “chip” icon.




Selecting a Preset

Click the preset name bar and select the preset from the Favorites submenu, one of the Presets submenus or the MRU (most recently used) list. Each of the Preset submenus holds the available presets in alphabetical order.


Recently Used Presets

When you select a preset, it is added to the top of the recently used list and is easier to find and select the next time. The number of presets in the recently used list is configurable in Program Settings.


Favorite Presets

You can designate a preset a “favorite” with easy access via the Favorites submenu by right-clicking on the preset and selecting “Add to Favorites.”  You can remove a favorite by right-clicking the preset in the Favorites submenu and selecting “Remove from Favorites.”



Preview Presets

Forte will automatically cycle through an instrument’s presets, pausing for 10 seconds on each while you audition them. Press Continue to advance to the next preset before the 10 seconds is finished or Abort to stop previewing.


Creating a new User Preset

If you change the sound of an instrument preset, you may save this new version by clicking the Save User Preset button and providing a name in the preset name field.




This preset is now available in the Presets submenus in alphabetical order and with “user” icon next to it. User presets may be added to the Favorites list just like any other preset.


Deleting a User Preset

You can delete a user preset by right-clicking on it in the submenus and selecting “Delete User Preset.”


Assigning MIDI Presets to Specific Channels

If an instrument supports multi-channel operation, you may right click on a preset and assign it to any MIDI channel (1-16).



FXP/FXB Load/Save for VST Plugins

If the plugin being shown is a VST or VSTi plugin, two additional options appear in the preset manager menu:


Load FXP/FXB: You may browse and load a standard VST FXP or FXB file into the plugin.
Save FXP/FXB: Save the state of the plugin in a standard VST FXP or FXB file.