MIDI Program Map

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MIDI Program Map

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Remapping or Disabling MIDI Program Changes

Incoming MIDI Program Changes may optionally be remapped or disabled. If remapping is on, the program change is remapped to a configurable list of presets. If remapping is off, the program change is sent directly to the instrument which may or may not respond by changing its internal preset. The list can be of any length up to 128 entries.  Additionally, MIDI Program Changes can be ignored. When checked, program change messages are not remapped or passed to the instrument.






The remap algorithm is:


 Output Program = Input Program MODULO Number of Entries


This means, for example, if there are 3 entries in the remap table:


Incoming MIDI Program Change

Remapped MIDI Program Change


1st entry


2nd entry


3rd entry


1st entry


2nd entry


To add a remap entry, press [New]. To delete a remap entry, highlight the entry in the list and press [Delete].