MIDI Configuration

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MIDI Configuration

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Using Forte MIDI Filtering

Forte has sophisticated MIDI filtering that changes MIDI input in various ways including transpose, key range limiting, controller rescaling, re-channelizing, and masking.  Refer to the the section on MIDI Filtering for a full description of these capabilities.  MIDI output in real-time by EHCo is processed through Forte’s internal MIDI filters and can be altered in all the ways supported by Forte, meaning that you can use EHCo with Forte as a powerful MIDI data processor.  For instance, if you have a MIDI-con- trolled tube preamp with a built-in reverb effect, you could use Forte and EHCo to control this device without having to reconfigure either the MIDI input or the preamp.


Configuring MIDI Output Ports

MIDI Output ports are configured within Forte’s Program Settings pages.  If EHCo is installed, Forte will add a new preference page called “MIDI Output Ports.”  This page functions identically to the existing MIDI Input Ports page.  A single instance of EHCo can output to a single MIDI output port.  Multiple instances of EHCo can be created in a rack to output to multiple ports.  Enable the MIDI output ports you wish to use with EHCo.  You may select multiple output ports and choose the specific port within EHCo.