MIDI Closed Loop Test

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MIDI Closed Loop Test

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This MIDI Closed Loop test enables you to test MIDI I/O integrity though your system.  It emits MIDI event data (CC) and counts the number of MIDI responses.


In order to set up this test:

Make sure no MIDI inputs are receiving events (e.g. nothing is emitting MIDI sync or other constant messages).
Connect a MIDI output back to an input (e.g. MIDI Out A connected to MIDI In A).
Press the Start button


EHCo will emit events and display a count of both transmitted and received events.  This test will automatically restart as long as the final input count equals the output count.  If an event is "lost" and the input count is less than the output count, the test will stop.  Note that during the test, it is common to see a difference between input and output counts.  The important thing is that when the output sequence is complete that the input count catch up during the quiescent period at the end of each run.