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Forte contains features to enable you to boot your computer up directly into your rack file.  This enables low or no-touch start-up operation.


Check "Launch Forte when Windows starts" to auto-run Forte as soon as you log into Windows.  If you configure Windows to auto-login, Forte will start as soon as Windows auto-logs-in.
"Open SceneView at launch" automatically starts Forte with SceneView enabled.
"Autoload Rack when Forte Starts" automatically loads a specified rack file when Forte starts.


By checking these items and configuring Windows to automatically log in, you can press the computer's power button, and automatically be ready to play your rack file.


Compatibility issues with Windows User Account Control

NOTE:  On Windows Vista and later, enhancements in UAC (User Account Control) may prevent Forte from starting correctly on Windows login.  Forte requires runlevel = highest (a Windows privilege option) to be compatible with the widest variety of VST plugins.  Forte uses a "Run" key in the Windows registry to cause itself to be launched on login, but depending upon your Windows configuration, this may not work as expected.  The workaround for this is to create a task in the task manager that launches Forte on logon.  Make sure "Run with highest privileges" is checked. A command line tool exists to create this task.  As an example, the following could be run from an Administrator command line:

 schtasks /create /tn "Run Forte on Logon" /tr "c:\program files\brainspawn\Forte 3 Producer Edition\forte.exe" /sc onlogon /rl highest