Stress Test

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Stress Test

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The capability to play virtual instruments in a live setting is based upon making a number of elements work together reliably:


Computer Hardware and BIOS

Operating System

Soundcard and MIDI drivers from various sources


Virtual instruments of various technologies (VST, DXi, ReWire, etc.) from many vendors


Each of these elements can be a weak link that makes the system unreliable.

Each can interact with other elements in unexpected ways.


For this reason, Forte includes a built-in stress test to allow you to test

all of the above working together in the same rack file for extended periods

of time.




To start the stress test:


1.Turn down or off all of your audio outputs!

2.Load your performance Rack File.

3.Select Tools|Stress Rack… from the menu.

4.Select the length of time you wish to stress the rack.  This can range up to 24 hours (this test is unattended, so you can start it and go do something else).

5.Select which events to include in the test and how frequently to send them.

6.Press Start.


You may stop the test before it completes by selecting Tools|Stop Stress from the menu.


When the test is complete, it will offer to open your log file. At the end of the log you will find information about scene change times, memory utilization over the course of the test, and CPU utilization in each scene.


NOTE: Although this stress test can be useful for finding weak links in your rack setup, we can never promise that it will result in a 100% stable live setup. There are simply too many variables. However, this stress test is certainly better than assuming everything will work.