Songs and Setlists

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Songs and Setlists

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Forte enables you to further organize your rack for performance beyond defining individual scenes.  Forte also defines Songs and Setlists.


A Song is an ordered list of scenes.  This enables you to re-use scenes in different songs, reducing the burden of maintaining separate duplicate scenes.


A Setlist is an ordered list of songs.


Using Setlists, you can build sets from songs, each containing scenes and you can rapidly alter a set by simply altering the set list by moving, adding, or removing songs.


See Scenes and Setlist Manager for more details.  Also see Different Ways to Use Scenes, Songs, and Sets for hints on how to use songs and sets effectively.


Song and Set Transpose

Songs and Sets may contain customized transpose settings enabling you to conveniently transpose entire sets or individual songs or scenes up or down.  See Transpose for details.