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SceneView is a full-screen display that shows the previous, current, and next scene names.  In Forte 3, SceneView has been updated.  However for user preferences, the original version has been retained as well.  You may choose which version to display by default in SceneView Options as well as control which portions of the SceneViews are visible.


SceneView 2

Show SceneView2 by selecting View|SceneView 2.


Exit SceneView by pressing the Menu button in the upper right corner and choosing the Close item.  You may also select a background picture (per scene) with this menu.




SceneView 2 (Forte 3 version)



Full Scene List (Left) - A list of the entire set.  Click on any item to switch to that scene.

Performance Control Buttons (Bottom) - Panic, Tap Tempo, Play, Undo Scene Change, Previous Scene, Next Scene, and Rack Power

Upcoming Scenes (Middle) - Displays a list of the next few upcoming scenes in large font

Meter Bridge (Bottom) - Displays the audio levels of each bus

MIDI Meter (Right) - Displays the current value of the assigned MIDI Controller.  Click the combo box indicator to assign a controller to meter.*

Quick Access Scene Buttons (Right) - Press one of these 8 buttons to quickly insert one of the predefined Quick Access Scenes into the current set and switch to it.  See Scene and Set Manager for help on defining Quick Access Scenes.

Title (Top) - Displays the Set name if using songs and sets or displays the rack name otherwise.

Next Scene Hint (Bottom) - Displays the name of the next scene in the set


* Note that the numerical range of the MIDI meter can be altered via an OPTIONS.INI tweak.  See OPTIONS.INI File.


Selecting Scenes in SceneView2

There are several ways to select scenes in SceneView2


Click a scene in the Full Scene List on the left side

Click Next or Previous Performance Control Buttons on the bottom

Click Undo Scene Change Performance Control Button to return to the previously used scene

Click a Quick Access Scene Button to select one of several previously defined scenes

Right Click anywhere in SceneView2 to get a menu of both current set items and all scenes.  Select any set item to jump to that location in the set.  Select any scene item to insert that scene immediately into the set and advance to it.




SceneView elements such as the scene list, Quick Scene  buttons, meter bridge and other buttons may be shown or hidden in SceneView Options.


SceneView is "stylable" using Qt-compatible stylesheet syntax.  In SceneView Options you can specify an alternate .css file to style the controls.  Two example files are installed by default in the Forte installation folder:  SceneView2 Default Style.css and SceneView2 Dim Red Style.css.  You can use these examples to create your own styles but style sheet creation assistance is not available from Brainspawn support.  This is an advanced user topic for those familiar with style sheets.


Old SceneView

The Forte 2 version of SceneView is also available.


Show SceneView by selecting View|SceneView (old version) menu item or pressing [ALT]+[0].


Exit SceneView by pressing [ESC], or by pressing the close button on the top right of the window.



SceneView (Forte 2 version)



You may assign a background picture to a scene by clicking the “Pic” button in the lower right hand corner. This can be useful for displaying alternate information like song lyrics or just art you enjoy.