Scene Transport  (Play/Stop and MIDI Panic)

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Scene Transport  (Play/Stop and MIDI Panic)

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Even though Forte is not a sequencer, many virtual instruments and effects depend upon host transport control to control drum machine patterns and arpeggiators. Most ReWire devices also require host transport control. For this reason, Forte features a Play button.


Each Scene may have the transport button in either the Play state or the Stop state. This means you can stop and start drum machines on scene change.  When play starts, Forte reports a start position of measure 0 beat 0 tick 0. If you stop and restart the play button, the position will reset to 0. This is consistent with Forte not being a sequencer and assures that pressing Play will cause an instant measure 0 downbeat.


playbutton  Play/Stop the transport



panicbutton MIDI Panic


transportbutton Configure Transport MIDI Automation



Transport Configuration



If "Enable Per-Scene Transport" is checked, the controls in this display are specific to the scene.  If unchecked, the settings are global to the rack.


Play:  Enables you to configure a MIDI controller (typically buttons or pedals) that toggle the transport between play and stop

Panic:  Enables you to configure MIDI controllers (typically buttons or pedals) that trigger MIDI panic