Scene Tempo

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Scene Tempo

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Each scene can contain a tempo instruments and effects can sync to. In addition, you may optionally choose to have Forte adjust the tempo dynamically from incoming MIDI Clock messages from a chosen MIDI input port.  To alter the Scene’s tempo. Click the tempo button in the Control Module.





Tempo Configuration


If "Enable Per-Scene Tempo" is checked, the controls in this display are specific to the scene.  If unchecked, the settings are global to the rack.


Follow MIDI Clock:  Enables you to configure a MIDI port to sync to MIDI Sync (F8) real-time messages

Adjust Tempo:  Enables you to configure a MIDI controller (typically a slider or knob) that alters tempo in real-time

Increment/Decrement Tempo:  Enables you to configure MIDI controllers (typically buttons or pedals) that bump the tempo up or down 1 BPM in real-time.

Tap Tempo:  Enables you to configure a MIDI note or controller (typically a button or pedal) that is used to set a new tempo by tapping a beat in real-time.