Scenes, Songs, and Setlists

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Scenes, Songs, and Setlists

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Creating Scenes snapshot

Scenes can be created by clicking the Scene button to the left of the scene list on the Control Module. The new scene will be given a name that represents the time and date the scene was created.  Scenes can also be created from within the Setlist Manager.



Switching Scenes prevscenenextscene

Once multiple scenes are created, you may switch between them in several ways.  From the Console, you may press the next scene or previous scene buttons.  You may also:


Press the space bar to advance to the next scene

Move to a specific scene by pressing a shortcut key you have assigned to that scene.

Pressing control buttons on configured Control Surfaces

From MIDI automation defined in the Scenes and Setlist Manager.



Updating Scenes

Scenes are snapshots in time of the rack file.  Later changes to the rack do not automatically update a scene.  In order to update a scene you must update the scene which is the same as taking a new snapshot.  To do this, right click on the scene list in the rack header and select "Update".


Managing Scenes and Building Sets scenemanager

See Scenes and Setlist Manager for details on how to manage scenes, songs, and setlists.



Rehearsal Mode

Because scenes are "snapshots" of the rack at a moment in time, they cannot be edited "live".  If you alter something and then re-apply the scene, those changes will be lost unless you enable Rehearsal Mode in the Options menu.  Rehearsal Mode prevents inadvertent scene changes by prompting you to confirm your intent to change scenes.




Options|Rehearsal Mode is a special mode that helps you avoid losing changes to a scene before updating it.  If this option is enabled, any scene change will result in this prompt.  You have the opportunity here to cancel the scene change, then you can update the scene to save changes.




How Rack Changes Affect Scenes

It is likely that you will add or remove modules, buses, or effects from your rack after you have created some scenes.  When a Scene is used:

Any new Instrument Module the scene does not recognize will be muted. This is to preserve as much as possible the sound that was generated by the scene. To integrate the sound of the new module into a scene, unmute and configure it and then update the scene in the Setlist Manager, or by pressing [CTRL]+[U].

Any new Audio Effect the scene does not recognize will be placed into the bypass state.

If modules or effects have been removed, the scene will skip them and silently update itself to remove the unused data. This will happen even if the scene is protected in the Setlist Manager.