Scene MIDI Automation

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Scene MIDI Automation

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Scene changes can be automated with user defineable MIDI events or by specific control surface commands.


To define scene change MIDI events, click scenemanager in the Console to show the Scenes and Setlists display.


Basic Scene Automation defines five automation events:



Basic Scene Automation



Change scene with MIDI Program Change - incoming MIDI program change events map to scenes in the currently defined set.

Change scene with MIDI Program Change with 1 second delay for knob scrolling - similar but useful if you have a MIDI knob that scrolls through program changes.  The scene is not changed until the knob stops changing for 1 second.

Advance to next scene

Back to previous scene

Undo scene change moves to the previously active scene no matter where that was in the set list


Quick Scene Automation defines eight automation events that select a scene in the Scene and Set Manager Quick Scene Access list.



Quick Scene Automation




Most scene automation controls have a "Learn" button.  Press Learn to accept the next MIDI event as the automation definition.