Saving and Loading MIDI Filter Presets

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Saving and Loading MIDI Filter Presets

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MIDI Configurations are assigned to an Instrument Module, but some settings can be saved and reloaded from a file.





Press [Save] to save a configuration. This includes for each MIDI input:


Key Range


Channel remap

Controller remap

This allows frequently used MIDI configuration parameters to be applied to other Instrument Modules or stored for future use.  When a MIDI Configuration is loaded you may optionally load or ignore specific portions of the configuration.


NOTE: Each MIDI Configuration file stores information about a single MIDI port. If you save a file, it will reflect the configuration of the currently selected port (if a channel from/to pair is selected beneath it, it will still save the parent port info.) When you load a MIDI Configuration file, it is loaded into the current port. This makes it useful to save MIDI Configuration files that are “device-specific” because devices are attached to ports.