MIDI Input and Output Ports

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MIDI Input and Output Ports

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Enable/Disable MIDI Input Ports – Use this list to enable or disable MIDI input ports for use in Forte. If an input port is not checked in this list, it will not be opened for input and it will not be included in the MIDI Configurations list.

Custom Name - You may assign each port a custom name by clicking in the custom name area.  This is useful to rename ports according to what MIDI device is connected to them.  It can also be used if you are moving racks between Forte installations.  If port friendly names are the same, no MIDI port remapping is required.  See MIDI Port Renaming for details.

Leave MIDI ports open – If checked, Forte will open MIDI input ports when started, but will not close them when rack power is turned off. It will always close ports when exiting. When unchecked, input ports will be closed when rack power is turned off.