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Insert Effects

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Adding and Removing Effects






VST and DirectX audio effects may be inserted into either modules or output buses.


To insert an effect, right-click on an audio effects patch point shown above and select the DirectX effect from the pop-up menu.


To delete an effect, right-click on the effect you wish to remove and select “Remove Audio Effect” on the pop-up menu.


You can use the up/down arrows on the right to view different effects in the chain.


By right-clicking and opening the insert menu, you may right click on an effect and add it to your favorites, rename it or hide it.



Bypassing Effects

Effects may be bypassed either by clicking the bypass button in the instrument module or bus or by unchecking the “Active” column in the Insert Manager.  Effects are bypassed independently for each scene, so you may use scene changes to switch effects in and out of an instrument module or bus.


Using Effect Presets

Accessing an Audio Effect Preset is identical to accessing instrument Presets.


MIDI Routing to Effects

MIDI input is sent to both instrument and bus insert effects. The filtering is identical to instruments. However, by default, all MIDI Input ports to inserts are disabled.  This is to avoid confusion.  It is assumed that most MIDI input is to be directed at the instrument plugin, not the effects plugins.  You may enable MIDI by opening the plugin console and editing the MIDI configuration.  Also if you have Forte configured to automatically reload the last used MIDI configuration with the plugin, it may be inserted with whatever previous configuration you used.


Also note that MIDI Program Change messages are never sent to insert plugins.  This is to reduce cases where multiple effects plugins are inadvertently changing sounds when the user intents to change only the instrument.


You can automate audio effects with MIDI the same way you automate instruments. Please refer to MIDI Filtering and Automation for how to do this.


Scene Change Commands

In the Scene Commands tab, each scene can be configured to affect each insert effect plugin in a variety of ways. See Scene Commands for more information.