Configuring Options and Preferences

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Configuring Options and Preferences

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You can change forte™’s preferences by selecting Options|Preferences… from the menu bar or by right-clicking on the Control Module and selecting “Preferences.”  Preferences are divided into pages selectable on the left side of the window.


The first page of Preferences is "General Options" which affect miscellaneous configuration items:




Launch Forte when Windows starts? – Select if you want to start Forte automatically when you log into Windows. For this to be useful, Windows should be configured to log in automatically.

Hide splash screen at start? – Select if you do not want to see the splash screen at program startup.

Open SceneView at launch? – Automatically shows the SceneView when a rack loads.

Autoload Rack when Forte Starts? – Loads either the last used rack or a specified default rack when Forte starts.

Default Rack Save location – Path used to save rack files.

Default Backup Rack Save location – Path used to save backup rack files.  The default is the same directory used to save the rack file.

MRU Sizes – select how many racks, instruments, and inserts to keep in your most recently used lists.

Disable Screen Saver while playing? – Disables any configured screen saver when the rack power is on.

Minimize to System Tray – Choose whether Forte minimizes to an icon on the task bar or in the system tray.

Use all available CPUs – This is a troubleshooting option which should remain checked. If you are using a multiple processor system and encountering problems, you can uncheck this option to see if it is related to multi-processing.

Number of Auto-Backups to keep – Every time you save a rack file in Forte, it makes a backup to preserve the old file. The number of backups is configurable here.

Logging Level – Configures the amount of information logged to the log file.