Configuration Manifests

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Configuration Manifests

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Problem: A rack file once worked perfectly on your PC, but now it doesn't, or you've moved it to another PC and it doesn't work.


Use a configuration manifest to help diagnose the changes in your setup that may be affecting your Forte rig. Here's how:


Once your rack is working the way you want it to, select the new Tools menu item "Create Installation/Configuration Manifest".  Answer "Yes" when asked to embed the manifest in your rack file. The next time you save your rack file, the manifest will be contained within it.

A manifest is a snapshot of your configuration containing:

A record of every DLL module (VST plugins, ASIO drivers, Windows components, 3rd party components) and its version

Key configuration settings from OPTION.INI


When you have a problem, select the new Tools menu item "Validate Against Manifest" to create a difference report in your Windows clipboard. This can then be pasted into Notepad or other text editor to view.  The difference report contains:

A list of manifest items missing from the current configuration (e.g. DLLs)

A list of manifest items in your current configuration that are not in the manifest

Any manifest items that are different (e.g. DLL versions are different)

Matching items


You may also copy the embedded manifest to the clipboard for examination with Tools|Copy Manifest to Clipboard, and delete the current manifest with Tools|Clear Manifest.