A Quick Tour of the Demo Rack.

Forte includes a demonstration rack that loads two instances of the TAL Elec7tro VST Plugin (courtesy of the folks at https://tal-software.com/) and configures them differently in six different scenes. Press SPACE to advance through the scenes. You can also press the up/down arrow buttons on the top of the rack.

Muted: press SPACE

The first scene in the demo rack demonstrates a muted instrument.  Instrument mute can be stored per-scene to choose specific instruments for portions of a set.

Layer Ex (Organ and Bells)

The second scene unmutes both instruments and creates a layer. MIDI from your controller goes to both VST instruments with different sounds.

Transpose Ex (Bells + 12)

The third scene demonstrates the bells VST transposed up one octave.  A scene can contain different MIDI processing, allowing you to do special things like key ranges and transpose.

Split Ex (Organ + Bells)

The fourth scene demonstrates a keyboard split. MIDI from your controller is routed to both instruments but the key range is limited in each to create a split where each instrument responds to only one half of the key range.

Alternate VST Patches

The fifth scene demonstrates how scenes can be used to set different patches. This allows you to reconfigure your sounds for each song in a set.

Alternate Mix

The sixth scene demonstrates an alternate volume setting for each instrument. Scenes contain mix information, so the mix can be adjusted per scene.