Forte 4

Perform music live with your laptop as your instrument.

Forte 4 is a powerful performance oriented VST plugin host for Windows PCs.  Forte unleashes your creativity with features designed specifically for live performance.

  • Design an entire set and sequence your sound changes.
  • Move through your gig set list with the touch of a button or MIDI controller.
  • Route MIDI in flexible ways to your VST plugins for new creative possibilities.

Scenes and Setlists

Organize a performance set into “scenes”.  Each scene is a snapshot of the sonic state of all of your plugins as well as MIDI routing and filters.  Switch to a scene to instantly recall each plugin’s patch and prepares your entire rig for the next portion of your gig.

If you need more flexibility, you can also organize scenes into songs and set-lists, re-using your scenes as sonic building blocks.  Add cue images and notes to each scene in a song for highly customized set-ups.


Versatile MIDI Routing

Forte features vast MIDI routing capabilities. Routes and filter MIDI independently for each plugin in the rack.  MIDI can control plugins as well as Forte performance controls.  MIDI can also trigger scene changes.


Easily adapt your performance rig as your hardware changes.  When you load a rack file, any missing MIDI or audio hardware is highlighted and can be mapped to different adapters.

Forte Producer Edition Exclusive

Forte Producer Edition features the ability to store multiple hardware profiles with your rack file.  You can easily move your rack to different hardware, and Forte will select the appropriate hardware profile automatically.


Producer Edition Exclusives

Forte is available in two editions

PERFORMER EDITION includes everything you need to perform complex live performances including scenes and setlists, complex MIDI filtering, and control surface automation.

PRODUCER EDITION includes everything in PERFORMER EDITION plus:

  • Multiple hardware profiles: Load a rack on multiple hardware setups without remapping and and MIDI ports.
  • 10 seat site-license: One license for studio or production.
  • Includes EHCo MIDI Output Plugin

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Download Software Purchase License Forte is software for Microsoft Windows PCs.